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Up All Night Tom Scilipoti

Up All Night

Tom Scilipoti

Published March 19th 2007
ISBN : 9781424171026
194 pages
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 About the Book 

Catcher in the Rye-like in spirit, but with hope and faith in place of cynicism, Up All Night is a forty-day odyssey through the mind of a deeply religious, yet funny, late teen struggling to make sense of a world that is growing ever nonsensicalaPost-9/11 America. Baptized Catholic but lost in a culture driven by sex, drugs and superficiality, Chris Castile starts to try to find his way back to his religious roots. His best friendas minister father passed away one year earlier, and his hungry soul is finally ready for the challenge of seeking God. This all sounds idealaif only it were that simple. Manic depression runs in the Castile family, and, as Chris sobers up, his mental health ironically declines. As a result, he no longer can sleep, nor can he stop racing after Truth. The results make for a story that surely will not put you to sleep.