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WALL STREET KILLERS: A Hank Tower Novel (Volume 1) Charlie Horn by Charlie Horn

WALL STREET KILLERS: A Hank Tower Novel (Volume 1)

Charlie Horn by Charlie Horn

Kindle Edition
248 pages
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 About the Book 

As Seen in the New York Times Book ReviewBillionaire hedge fund managers are being murdered in New York.In December 2009 when the Great Recession was at its peak and anger at Wall Street bordered on hysteria, two hedge fund managers were poisoned on Christmas Eve while giving toasts at lavish dinner parties…another was poisoned at his desk…then a job-cutting executive was found dead in a town car with “61” carved in his forehead, the amount of his million-dollar exit-bonus when he was fired.Are vigilantes exacting revenge on those they think caused the Great Recession? The police and the billionaire Mayor of New York City fear so.Hank Tower, an ex-spy turned Private Investigator, is hired by the Mayor to help stop the killings. When he brings two killers to justice, the Mayor and the police consider the case closed. But Hank believes a more dangerous killer is still at large with a more sinister motive and is hiding behind the much-publicized hedge fund killings in order to execute a plan far more devastating to the City and the world than a few murders.Seeking justice, Hank prowls some of the fanciest penthouses and posh restaurants and clubs in New York City, one of the grandest hotels of Paris, and the Caribbean island of St Barth’s. There, in that tropical wonderland, the voluptuous widow of one the murdered men tries to bring Hank under her control and destroy his relationship with the woman he truly loves. At the same time, she ensnares him into another mendacious plot involving stolen gold, a British aristocrat, and a professional Azerbaijan killer that puts Tower’s own life on the line.All this diversity is tied together in a fast and explosive surprise ending.