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Saki A.J. Langguth


A.J. Langguth

Published August 21st 1981
ISBN : 9780671247157
366 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Mr. Langguth has surmounted the problem that confronts any biographer of a writer like Saki. Without appearing to compete with his subject, he writes cleverly enough to hold his own against copious quotation from that witty subjects work. The Atlantic Monthly Mr. Langguth, the author of Hidden Terrors, Macumba and Jesus Christs, is superb at stitching Sakis witticisms into a history of the fop who failed...(he) writes perfect sentences. The New York Times A. J. Langguth, a novelist and an ex-New York Times correspondent in Saigon, now offers the first full biography (of Munro.) As biographer-critic, he proves knowing, balanced and blessedly brief. Time Magazine Both subject and author have an aptitude for exactly the right word, the perfect choice. They are also both fine and perceptive observers of the world around them. The Los Angeles Times More than once, the biographer approaches his subjects skill at the well-turned phrase. The Times Literary Supplement