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Delights With The Sleeping Babysitter Carol Simons

Delights With The Sleeping Babysitter

Carol Simons

Kindle Edition
20 pages
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 About the Book 

CAUTION: These two erotic fantasy short stories (totaling 8,000 words) contain adult topics, including sex with babysitters, and they are intended for mature audiences only.Fucking The Juicy Babysitter, is about Tony who is separated from his wife. He would love another baby but she would not. He pops home to get a bite to eat, because he works the night shift, while the babysitter is watching his kids--only to find her fast asleep. This sets his fantasies free and he fucks her, all while she’s sleeping soundly. It happens again, then he doesn’t see her for six weeks. When he does, a monkey wrench is definitely thrown into his plans as his wife calls him one morning and gives him a piece of surprising news.Dave’s Fantasy With The Sleeping Virgin Babysitter, launches you into what it might actually feel like to have sex with a sleeping virgin -- one asleep on your own couch. After Dave returned home the sight that greeted him was too much to resist so he slipped onto the couch beside the young woman who’d been looking after his kids. If he could only touch her… Well, it gets heated from that point onwards.