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Cartographies of Diaspora: Contesting Identities Avtar Brah

Cartographies of Diaspora: Contesting Identities

Avtar Brah

Kindle Edition
294 pages
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 About the Book 

By addressing questions of culture, identity and politics, b /b b i Cartographies of Diaspora /i /b throws new light on discussions about `difference and `diversity, informed by feminism and post-structuralism. It examines these themes by exploring the intersections of race, gender, class, sexuality, ethnicity, generation and nationalism in different discourses, practices and political contexts. The first three chapters map the emergence of Asian as a racialised category in post-war British popular and political discourse and state practices. It documents Asian cultural and political responses paying particular attention to the role of gender and generation. The remaining six chapters analyse the debate on `difference, `diversity and `diaspora across different sites, but mainly within feminism, anti-racism, and post-structuralism. Cartographies of Diaspora offers a new approach to the study of `difference and `commonality, exploring and deconstructing questions of identity, culture and politics. It will be essential reading to students of womens studies, cultural studies and anthropology and will also appeal to teachers, youth community workers, and social workers.